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Beautiful, funny, smart, and the life of the party. Has lots of haters, and lots of friends. Trustworthy, honesy, and loyal, The girl who u can always kick it wit.
When Tiara's around life's so much fun!
by Cutiegurl_101 June 19, 2010
A fucking Goddess
oftenly described as perfect
Boy:OMG dude did u see that hot chick at the party, I mean she was so a Tiara
by Jessica Pullings July 10, 2008
1) Generally a fancy head dress normally worn by royalty.
2) Also can be a name, particularly for a beautiful girl. Definatly have to fit the part if your going to be a Tiara.

If your name happens to be Tiara then that means your amazingly pretty, GORGEOUS to be exact. Your great in bed and guys & girls find you very sexy. Guys will leave their girlfriends to be with you & girls will go lezz to be yours. The name Tiara, is probably the cutest name ever. I'd advise you name your daughters TIARA.
Tiara is fucking sexy.

I love that Tiara on you.
by elizabeth_mhm November 17, 2008
a material girl....
you're such a tiara
by tiara February 26, 2004
TIARA - TIARA Is A Recursive Acronym
by voege October 01, 2003
Guys with hair pushed up at the front, eg spiky, so it looks like he has a tiara
His hair looks like a tiara.
by Fredricky June 10, 2008
semen sprayed into one's hair, thus resembling a tiara (presumably to avoid swallowing the semen). Similar to pearl necklaceonly higher
"I didn't want to swallow his load, so I moved away at the last minute and he wound up giving me a pearl necklace and tiara"
by Alexandra July 27, 2004