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(n.) A party animal, usu. a female friend, (although term is gender-neutral), who, in the process of going out places herself in an continual state of FML, which includes, but is not limited to the following: (1) excessive drinking, (2) random shacking, (3) misplacing personal items, esp. purse and iPhone, (4) loss of memory, (5) random mistexts, (6) loss of clothing, (7) loss of transportation, and (8) loss of one's self-identity.

Short: TW, or T-Dub.
Ex. 1

LL: Adri can be such a Tiajuana Whore at times.
Lola: Really? I thought she had it together.
LL: Well, the other night ago, when we went out... she lost it.
Lola: Lost what?
LL: She lost it all: her keys, her new blouse, her iPhone, purse, rings and necklace.
Lola: Where'd ya'll go?
LL: Just to the bar.
Lola: Damn.

Ex. 2.
After a night of indiscretion, a TW still thrives for more.

The Morning After

Server: And what can I get you to drink ma'am?
TW (still shit-faced): Obnoxious inaudible rambling... OHHHH!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE MYSELF. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! WHOOOOO! Coughs Oh, I'll have a mimosa, and a shot of patron mother-fucker.
Server: All righty, ma'am, we'll have that right out (smiles).
by LolaLaguna November 21, 2010
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