Acronym for "Typical Ignorant American". Said person covers thier house, car and property with United States flags and yellow ribbons. Although this person is generally a decent, hardworking individual, they are sadly fooled into believing that thier elected officials really care about them and always tell the truth. They generally refuse to open thier minds to the possiblity that maybe U.S. soldiers are dying to protect U.S. corporate interests, NOT expanding freedom or searching for WMD's. Because of thier inability to think for themselves, they instead insult and belittle those who are not warmongers.
93% of this country is filled with T.I.A.'s. And the masses will continue to be sacrificed on the "alter of freedom" like cattle being led into a slaughterhouse. All this is done so Chevron's profits soar. Congrats, America! We have sold the lives of our sons and daughters so we can gas up our SUV's and eat our Big Mac's.
by Pigeon McNugget October 09, 2003
Tia aka imaperson68 from GameTalk; is doable; resistant, but willing; very sexy figure
I did Tia last night.

Tia skipped school yesterday.

Tia swallows.

Tia likes to tag with TGT.
by Ima's Lover March 17, 2004
Show signs of extreme wide eyes and rapid lip licking. Likes to stay out all night long. So poodle along and get wrapped up!! Loves men in uniform and a military lifestyle. YES SIR!!!!!!!
Enlarged pupils and lizard lips.
by blah blah blah August 13, 2003
A beautiful Latina.
No puedo olvidar la tia que conoci anoche!
by gringito March 29, 2004

Yo! Who's the TIA
by soulmate July 02, 2004
1) Me.
2) Annie's best friend.
3) Somewhat a pretty girl
i love tia
tia's my best friend
tia is more of a friend type then girlfriendish thats just how it goes for her, she is destined to be lonely.
by Tia March 30, 2005
a female version of boy-george
dude... that girl is such a tia
by shaniqua June 02, 2004
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