talk in awhile
hey, my wife divorced me and moved away with the kids, T.I.A. hon'.
by bigemptyhouse August 09, 2010
Acronym: total information awareness. The goal of the NSA, FBI, AT&T, and Google. The god-like ability to find, compile, interpret, and control data.
Google and AT&T are competing for TIA with our private data.
by Man Machine August 03, 2007
Stands for "This is acceptable." Only used via messenger services, etc. in 99% of cases.
Boy: I don't have a couch; looks like you'll be bunking with me tonight.
Girl: TIA.
by Furansesu April 29, 2008
T.I.A., TIA; Truly Inspiring Asshole(s).

When someone is in a flamewar, or real life conflict, and a barrage of hurtling hateful comments / insults causes the person subjected to it all to suddenly garner a "battle high" in which an empowering revelation occurs, causing that person to come through the experience inspired with a thicker skin and mindset of reinforcement to future challenges in life. Thus the assholes who made the comments become Truly Inspirational Assholes.

Historical Birth : The term was coined by a LJ user, JanuarySnowfall, in his second of a total of two posts in the Indiefucks Livejournal Community, before suspending the account voluntarily. The original line containing the term was, "To the indieFUCKS, and their Guidance in getting off my ass and on to better things , here's a thank you list for the truly inspiring assholes that helped me!". The community itself adapted the term as their slogan shortly after the post was made on 20 Feb 2008|12:38am.

The farewell List mentioned in the quote was in essence 10 LJ users who had previously posted comments on JanuarySnowfall's only other post in that community, a highly contentious review of the film Juno which received over 190 comment responses, almost completely all fiercely negative, on 19 Feb 2008|06:41pm. It was through that first post, and the experiences of the hateful comments, that inspired the last post that would be made by JanuarySnowfall listing the first ever Ten Truly Inspiring Assholes. The account was shortly thereafter suspended, the reason explained as, "I'm getting rid of this account and living with urgency from now on and never forgetting the INDIEFUCKS and wasting time online, the world is a spitfire of venom and when you get bit and in the frenzy have a few moments before you pass out and end you see life in all it's glory! The Flamewar has given me a second life!"

The full transcript, and comments from both posts are still available in the Indiefucks community as of 22 Feb 2008 in the Best Of Indiefucks category.

Finally, in perhaps a truly novel effort, JanuarySnow ressurected the account briefly and bypassed a Ban to vicariously post a video entry to Indiefucks on 22 Feb, 2008. This was done by contacting one of the original TIAs who decided to grant the membership access for the cause. The video was a collaged response to a post calling the day of JanuarySnowfall's involvement the "worst day in Indiefucks history" and asking "how did you survive." The video showed the successful impact of the posts in the community, user comments, and finally a conclusion highly favorable for JanuarySnowfall. It was scored with the Raging Bull soundtrack and had a dedication in the end featuring more positive users, with a much more uplifting pop instrumental number. There were mixed reviews generally calling it anywhere from amazing to sad, but clearly the reasons were supported by example and often hilarity ensued. Though it may not be certain, it might be the first video produced in such a style for community board flamewars.

Magua from "Last Of The Mohicans" was one royal TIA!
by tiabeyond February 22, 2008
An ELITE group consisting of COOL people. The members kick a$$! NINJA STYLE!!
They are also inseparble AND cant ever be broken apart.
"Only the cool people are allowed to be in TIA"
by x0miissjaimmie June 16, 2008
A whore who is fake and brags about hanging out with friends and who flirts with others boyfriends, has a stupid annoying laugh, has stupid accents for certain words, and thinks everyone loves her and doesn't notice that her friends don't really like her.
Tia:Oh my god soooo this weekend was super fun i went and got hickeys!! and pierced my ears.

Person:Ew. Whore
by Sora_sometimes May 31, 2011
A fat girl who is very rude and talks about herself a lot. Very conceded and acts as if she is greater than other people. Leaves out people that she calls friends. Overall, very fat, conceded, rude, and is a smart ass.
Gosh, she's such a Tia!
Don't be like a Tia!
by CathyCentral November 22, 2011
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