take in the ass,
hey baby! want a t.i.a.?
by fattymagoo April 18, 2011
Texting In Action
Sara is TIA in this pic.
by GOBRAVES3343 September 21, 2009
a species that is blonde and dopey.Althought she has friends she is a very a strange girl who gets bullied a lot by a boy called jordan.The Tia species is usually called Shmuel.
tia?no its shmuel
by johnny llamaa May 05, 2011
a great chick that is awesome at bj's and is so hot you can't take your eyes off her everyone loves her and if you want great sex you go to a tia
hot and great at sex everyone loves her
by tia December 09, 2004
adj. pronounced tie-us.
This word is short for matias. It is used in reference to anything that is whack, overly pushy, annoying, a front, nauseating, un-crunk, or just not cool.
Person1: "Can you believe that whack ass n*#$% trynna come talk game to me?"
Person2: "yeah gurl, that s#@* was tias."
by annleigh sansoucland September 05, 2010
talk in awhile
hey, my wife divorced me and moved away with the kids, T.I.A. hon'.
by bigemptyhouse August 09, 2010
Acronym: total information awareness. The goal of the NSA, FBI, AT&T, and Google. The god-like ability to find, compile, interpret, and control data.
Google and AT&T are competing for TIA with our private data.
by Man Machine August 03, 2007

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