short for "Thanks In Advance"

mostly used in the software pirate community on Bulletin Board Systems. Pirates would request software and since it may be some time before someone actually uploads it, they would write TIA after the request to express gratitude
Can you please upload a copy of Windows XIII Ultimate Edition complete with serial. TIA
by superjonbot March 01, 2010
This is awkward. Something you say when a situation gets awkward.
Girl 1: I think we just crashed a get-together...
Girl 2: tia
by TopLyd August 06, 2011
texting in action. Similar to mia, or missing in action, but refers to a person who, even when in a group, isolates him or herself and texts the whole night.
Arnold: Yo, you know where Lucy is?

Beth: Yea bro, she's tia.

Arnold: Ugh, not again!
by iamabluemonkey July 31, 2011
A crazy but fun girl. She is two faced. She usually has blonde hair curly or wavy. She is very nice and is easy to fall in love with. Sometimes you just can't get enough of her!
by Love candy xo November 06, 2013
This is awkward.
You go to a party, knock on the door, nobody answers, so you walk right in. You go into the kitchen and stand around with your friends, and start screaming "I'm here with the beer!" You wait for the people to start walking in, and you notice you arrived to the wrong house, "TIAAAAAA".
by Hayley Rose August 03, 2011
TIA stands for Thanks In Advance. It is generally used as an internet and text msg slang.
Please arrange for the book for me. TIA!
by tanamania April 23, 2010
A popular Abbreviation meaning "This is Africa".
Also used in movies like Blood Diamond starring Leonardo De Caprio.
I don't sound very cool saying this but, TIA.
by Mustacio August 16, 2007
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