This is awkward
T.I.A one of the character tamaras main phrases on the TV show awkward
by acroxislove May 18, 2014
That is all
I have an urge to poop. #tia
by PhareauxM September 18, 2013
She loves corn.
Person 1: wow! that girl loves corn!
Person 2: Obviously, she is a tia
by Anna Schmidt January 21, 2012
1. This Is Awkward
(pronounced like a name.....tee-aah)
1. Joe & Joanne: (grunts and noises on the bed)

Joe: Joanne this sex is so good! (Joanne's parents walk in)

Joanne's parents: WTFF!!!

Joe & Joanne: ...T.I.A...
by EAZi January 12, 2011
Thanks In Advance can be shortened into slang/text language to "TIA."
This was found out by sending a text to a house phone which was read aloud as another meaning instead of the actual name, Tia.
Can you get those notes to me please, TIA
by .:. Tia .:. June 21, 2008
A crazy but fun girl. She is two faced. She usually has blonde hair curly or wavy. She is very nice and is easy to fall in love with. Sometimes you just can't get enough of her!
by Love candy xo November 06, 2013
This is awkward. Something you say when a situation gets awkward.
Girl 1: I think we just crashed a get-together...
Girl 2: tia
by TopLyd August 06, 2011

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