full of nackers and wankers great place to get killed
dony fogarty
by haydn June 05, 2004
Top Definition
Town located in central County Tipperary. Population of 8000. No tourist atractions or anything of remote interest save Semple Stadium. A Mecca for Knackers (who we call La La's when their around). A good place to get a beating on a Friday/Saturday night. A town of great, friendly people (except for the Knackers/Plastic Knackers who cause 99% of fights along with participating in 99% of thieving).
You know it's Summer when the flies and knackers (with shirts of and pigeon type walking)are around in abundance.
by Woody July 24, 2004
A crossroads waiting for a bypass.
Let's bypass Thurles, I know a shortcut via Cashel.
by cracail February 22, 2011
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