It means tight. da new word for tight
U heard that new lil wyte? That shits hella thurl
by Uncle Peanut December 02, 2003
Top Definition
Thats tight.
the word originated in the city of st.louis, missouri.
Thurl is really the word "thorough"
In ST.LOUIS,MO. the midwestern/southern influence city puts a heavy accent on "R's" inwhich makes the word "thorough" to " thurl
Jay-z black album is hella thurl.
by midwesternerr April 06, 2004
Dank, Steeze, or Buttery
Term used by skaters of SkateMindTV on youtube.
Slang for "Thorough"

Means tight or nice after a trick landed on a skateboard.
First Skater - "Yo he just ollied that 14 stair!"
Second Skater - "Yeah! That's thurl!!"
by Skate Mind February 16, 2011
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