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A legendary method of fingering a pussy with a certain hand positioning where the pinky, middle finger, and thumb are expanded while the index and ring fingers are folded into the palm. The thumb is the dolphin which rapidly and effectively stimulates the clitoral region. The middle finger is then inserted into the vaginal crevice, and last but not least, the pinky enters the forbidden valley aka the rectum. The official method is commonly called the telephone, where you insert pinky and middle finger first, also called "picking up the telephone" and then position thumb downwards toward clitoral region as if you are hanging up the telelphone; and repeat. The whole process of thunderpussy is also known as TJ or thunderpussy job.
"Did you see Gerald thunderpussy that young hussy at the club?"
"Oh yeah! How long was the telephone call for?"
"They were up all night!"
"I bet his fingers wreak of ass and tuna!"
by Chink and a Jew February 05, 2007
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When a woman queefs loudly.
I was banging some broad I pulled out to change positions when she let some thunder pussy fly.
by Skala4 August 27, 2008
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