A superhero located in Louisville Kentucky that fights crime in tight black spandex leggings. He rains down retribution from the Heavens upon the evildoers and merciless alike. When he uses his signature punch named the "Thunder Fist Surprise" shock waves come out of the Crater and a monstrous roar suddenly appears. Many witnesses say that the roar sounds like a god yelling from Mount Olympus seeking revenge.
Mike-"Hey John you wanna go out tonight and go steal some cars and heckle some innocent old people?"

John- "Naw man didn't you hear about the Thunder Fist? he will rip us limb from limb. I have another idea lets go perform some nice charity work."
by Quntanamo April 01, 2009
Top Definition
A drunken rock and roll band from Salt Lake City. Known for hilarious live sex acts onstage and random food eating contests during their shows. The name is derived from a German pornography magazine depicting a hard punch to the back of the head while ejaculating in a person's anus..
Did you see Thunderfist last night? How can they get any more fat?
by Whistledick Pete September 01, 2010
A Thunder Fist is the moment when, during a storm, the thunder hits you so loudly that you feel like you were just punched in the ear.
John: Man, that storm last night was awful!
Dave: Yeah, I definitely hid in the bathroom as soon as the thunder fist hit me.
by xXcoldhandsXx April 03, 2012
The Secret Organization started in Mesa, Az outside of a T.G.I.Fridays one Sunday night. That is now growing in popularity and numbers. The Founding Members are Aztec Shake, White Chocolate Truffle, Guatamalian Antique, Mexican Jumping Bean, and Komoto Dragon Blend
We went out to the alley for Thunder Fist the other night
by Guatamalian Antique April 21, 2005
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