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Typically Identifiable by some snazzy birkenstocks, a pair of old man pants and an obsession w/ the color pank, A Thundercles McButterpants is typically a tall, gangly, rather unkempt individual with a nasty case of bed head.
Geez, If that Nate Long kid had some old man pants, he'd be a perfect Thundercles McButterpants
by Ike February 23, 2004
One who has greasy, long, stringy hair and wears birkenstocks all day long.
Man that birdsall is such a Thundercles Mc Butterpants
by Anonymous June 02, 2003
a scottish guy that decides his pants are too tight and decides that a lubricant would work sufficiently in there place.
No leave your pants on McCloud! Ah what do ye think yer doing with me goat oil! Ack! NOOO! Damn thundercles McButterpants.
by Sketch June 22, 2004