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The perfect way of avoiding the awkwardness after a one night stand. Before intercourse, place a pile of shit on the ceiling fan without her noticing. In the morning, crank the ceiling fan on high and as pieces of shit start to fly everywhere, shout, "THUNDER STORM!" and run away.
Guy #1: So was it awkward in the morning?
Guy #2: No dude, I thunder stormed my way out of there before it got weird.
by manwithanorangeforahead July 27, 2010
When giving someone a golden shower and you clap your hands simulating a thunderstorm
They call me the weather man cause I make thunderstorms happen!!!
by therealdicktracy January 08, 2012
The act of Balling to a Gratuitous extent. Made famous by the Rapper Waka Flocka Flame. Can include, but is not limited to: The expenditure of large amounts of hard Currency, Extreme swagger, unparalleled game and carisma and last but not least, an amazing display of skill in the Video Game Halo: Reach.
Ima make it Thunder Storm!
by Flamin Waka January 30, 2011
terrible weather and it is always too loud. it always scraes my dog.
i am in the middle of a thunderstorm right now! and i bet that the power will go off any second now.
by noesgoes June 12, 2007
The result of piping hot coffee into a black girls ass then harvesting the thick, rich coffee flavored beverage when she has the next good shit.
I think I would like a good thunderstorm coffee with my breakfast.
by Ricky Round April 15, 2008
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