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a person who has reached the pinnacle of douchebaggery. Imagine a douche flowing with the force of an atomic fire hydrant. That, is a Thunder Douche. First coined by ShayCarl of YouTube fame. It should always be capitalized.
A man who throws a woman against a wall, saying "look what you made me do" and later "forgiving" her for it establishes him as a Thunder Douche of epic proportions.
by Pipistrello January 17, 2009
Noun. Thunderdouche is equivalent to mega douche, but at times surpasses it. Thunder is a prefix which may be attatched to many words as an intensifier, similar to the way thunder intensifies nature. Usually an insult, although can have successful use as an intensifier in other areas, usually with nouns.
John is a thunderdouche.
John is a thundertool.
John is a thundertard.
by 12345666 September 19, 2004
when douche baggery extends beyond all reason in such a violent and crushing fashion a thunder clap is heard
Nate explained that he was forced to beat up his girlfriend because she made him do it. Nate exemplified being a thunder douche.

by Jaimez DIego Sanchez January 17, 2009
To do something or act in a way so absurd or inapropriate the to be called a "douche" would not do it justice.

A level of douchiness that far exceeds normal douchiness.

That guy copied and pasted out interview onto another site and took credit for writing it himself, what a thunderdouche.
by wvunick7591 February 24, 2009
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