V. When two or more persons are together, one person preforms a "Butt Chug" and the other party lowers him/herself to receive the alcoholic rectal discharge orally. Before preforming the "Thunder Gun" one person must proclaim "THUNDER GUN!!!!" very loudly to find a willing participant and the first person to scream " AAAAYOOOO" will be the honored recipient of said Thunder Gun
Ethan: Damn I'm thirsty
Ethan: Damn I really wanted that thunder gun :(
by THE_Thundergunster69 July 09, 2011
Top Definition
noun: the greatest action flick ever. No hesitation, never surrender, no man left behind. From the "Thunder Gun Express" episode of "Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

verb: used in a variety of ways, but mainly to denote overcoming an obstacle, to win, or be triumphant.
1. We need to hurry up, Thunder Gun, the greatest action flick ever, starts in five minutes and we might miss it!

2. "We're never gonna make it, we're stuck in traffic"
"Just Thunder Gun the curb!"
by SkeetSkeeter December 19, 2011
A gun in Call of Duty: Black Ops in the zombies game mode that is attained from the mystery box. also rapes zombies in the ass
Bro the thundergun in zombies is fucking awesome!
by like50somalians November 04, 2010
Best gun on nazi zombies. Kills a large amount of zombies at 1 time. Is a 1 shot kill for the whole entire game. (and to other idiots that say that it ends up being a 2 shot kill, get a rape train started, get at close range. Its a 1 shot at 15ft down) If you want to get to round 30+, use this gun.
thunder gun
by mrlowe98 May 18, 2011
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