From the bay area circa 1999. Made from the sound of a gun, later goes on to be slang term for a gun.
Keep my finger on my thumper, twist wigs back, head crack. ~E40
by Wolf February 16, 2005
A pistol, pref. something that is a semi-auto
Niggas started gettin HYPHY so i let my thumper go to work,---- Blah, blah---- left his ass wet, made his Peacoat look like a fish net
by Will tha Thrill 5900 December 09, 2005
a drinking game that is played as follows: a group of people gather round a table with shot glasses spread out before them. each person has one "symbol", such as touching the nose, and when someone does theirs to you then you do your symbol. When not doing your symbol, you and everyone else just watching bangs the table and chants "thumper thumper thumper" until you are looked at and the symbol is in your direction. anyone who doesnt do their symbol takes a shot, as well as anyone who points. very fun, very loud. its awesome.
instead of having an office meeting, we just found the liquor cabinet and played thumper.
by tunit5cent March 30, 2006
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