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Lit. 'Turkic Condoms' or 'Muslim Condoms' in Tamil & Malayalam, this formal term denotes the 'S'mall sized & low-quality prophylactics that are typically used by Pakistanis, Indian Muslims & Bengali Musulmans. However, often expanded in scope to connote Arabian Condoms, Iranian Condoms & Malay Condoms. In South India, these are commonly distinguished from the L or Large-sized & high-durability 'Thamilan Aanurai' (Tamilian Condoms or Dravidian Condoms) & are also differentiated from the XS or eXtra-Small sized high-quality 'Pappan Aanurai' or Brahmin Condoms. Synonymous with the playful 'Paki Condoms' in British Commonwealth English, which has the exact same meaning.

The term is based on the fact that the prophylactics popular among South Asian Muslim men, including Saathi Condoms, Raja Condoms, Pakistani Panther Condoms & Pakistan Black Cobra Condoms, are produced solely in the global 'S'mall size & are extremely undersized by South Indian standards. It also alludes to the high failure rate of these 'Paki Rubbers', which, along with desensitising Islamic circumcision & the Muslim fondness for beef, is widely believed by Dravidians to be the reason for the observed high birth rate of Muslims.
Hyderabadi: You know what's the most difficult part of being a Thulukkan in South India?
Madrasan: Is it the Sambar?
Hyderabadi: No! It's having to order small-sized Thulukkan Aanurai for my tiny Paki Dick at the condom shop!
Madrasan: That's funny!

2) Lakshmi Rajaratnam: Did you hear about that girl Rekha Ravichandran? She married a Thulukkan!
Thenmozhi Mahadevan: So is it true those Pakis have small mukkal three-quarter penises?
Lakshmi Rajaratnam: Yes - she said he has to specially order small Thulukkan Aanurai from Pakistan!

3) Thamilan: Hey, Thulukkan! Bring me some Thulukkan Aanurai tomorrow!
Thulukkan: Fine, but I'm sure you'll break them with your Andhra Black Cobra!
Thamilan: Don't worry Paki Boy - they're for my 5-year old boy!
Thulukkan: Then they'll fit perfectly!

Thirusangu: Haha, you must need those small-sized Thulukkan Aanurai to fit your Ali-Lingam!
Shamsuddin Khan: Yes - but mine is big for a Paki Boy!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 23, 2012
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