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Lit. 'Turkic Vagina', this Tamil & Malayalam slang is commonly applied to denote a
Muslim Vagina. Esp. applied to the Indian Muslim Vagina or Pakistani Vagina, but
often extended to include the Malay Vagina, Iranian Vagina, Arabian Vagina & of
course the Turkic or Turkish Vagina.

Built to match the Caucasoid 'Thulukkan Lingam' or Indian Muslim Penis, which is
small by South Indian standards, the hairy & gulabi (rosy pink) Indo-Muslim Vagina is
naturally narrow & rather shallow in comparison to the cavernous Negroid-Australoid
'Tamilachi Pundai' or Tamil Vagina. The Dravidian Vagina, the standard norm across
Tamil Nadu, is of course known & feared for its enormous size, which is a natural
consequence of the necessity of accomodating the eXtra-Large Black Dravidian Penis.
However, the precious Islamic Vagina is somewhat larger than the 'Pappathi Pundai' or
Brahmin Vagina, which is the tightest in S. India as it is designed to fit the XS or
eXtra-Small Brahmin Penis.

Hence, Tamilian men are fond of Interzat Sex with our 'Thulukkachis', as the
tight Muslim Cunt provides greater friction than they can obtain with their own
Tamilachis. For the same reason, us Thulukkans prefer Intercaste Sex with Pappathis
or Brahmin Women.
1) Tamilarasan: I can't wait to slip my Telingana Black Snake into Ghazala's narrow
Thulukkachi Pundai & ruin it for those short-dick Thulukkans!

2) Velu: Asad, go stick your little Mukkal into your mader's tight Thulukkachi Pundai!

3) Arif: Tamilian men prefer Thulukkachi Pundai because it's tighter than Tamilachi

4) Raghalatha: Tariq, you're scared of us Tamil women because you know your puny
Mukkal can only fit into a tight Thulukkachi Pundai!

5) Mumtaz: I can't! Your big black Tamil Penis is too big!
Raavan: Don't worry, after I've stretched out your tight Thulukkachi Pundai with my
Andhra Black Cobra, you'll won't even be able to feel the tiny Ali-Lingam of your
Thulukkan brothers again!

6) Asad: Those Tamilians are such studs with big black Dravidian Dicks, the only
time I feel like a mard (man) is when my little Paki Dick is stuck inside a tiny
Thulukkachi Pundai!

7) Sheikh Chilli: My Bibi's (wife's) Thulukkachi Pundai is so tight it feels like a
Pappathi Pundai (Brahmin Vagina)!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza August 31, 2012
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