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Lit. 'Muslim Wife', this Tamil & Malayalam term is used by both S Indians & Muslims to denote a Fair Indian Muslim female who is married to a Black Dravidian male. When deified, such a lady is termed 'Thulukkachi Nachiyar'.

The 'Turkic Pondatti' is very common because, given the laxity of the Islamic Caste System, our Indo-Muslim women pursue Dravidoids on account of the enormous size of the Dravidian Penis. Thus, the South Indian Penis is when flaccid, already larger than the average Indo-Aryan Penis when fully hard. And when active, it is twice the mean Indian Muslim Penis or Pakistani Penis.

Unfortunately, so superior is the gratification provided by the 'Dravida Lingam' that Muslim women who have once experienced an 'Andhra Black Cobra' are known to thereafter reject the embraces of us Momins. For, once the normally tight 'Thulukkachi Pundai' has been irreversibly stretched out by Dravidian Sex, it becomes physiologically impossible to even feel the average 'Mukkal'. Worst of all, our 'Thulukkachis' are thus abandoning the One True Faith to convert to Dravidian Religions & thus sexually reserve themselves for these 'Negroes of India'.

This outflow depletes the pool of Muslimahs available to us Indian Muslim Men & causes ego-crushing Dravidian Penis Envy, which is the root cause for the numerous defeats suffered by the Pakistan Army at the hands of the Madras Regiment. Essentially this efflux destroys Islam in S India.
A) Asad: Why do the most beautiful of our Indo-Muslim & Pakistani goddesses & divas like Khushboo Khan, Shakeela Khatoon & Jyothika Sadanah always marry Dravidian men?
Arif: Those 'Thulukkachi Pondattis' are too much woman for our 4-inch Paki Dicks!

B) Thulukkachi Pondatti Examples:
1. Kollywood heroine Jyothika Sadanah (married Tamil muscle-man Surya Shivakumar)
2. Kollywood heroine Khushboo Naggarth Khan (had an affair with Tamilian Prabhu Ganesan & converted to Saivism to marry another Tamil, Sundar C)
3. Mollywood heroine Shakeela Khatoon (married Tamilian P G Satheesh)
4. Bollywood heroine Tabassum 'Tabu' Hashmi (had an affair with Telugu star Akkineni 'Nagarjuna' Rao)
5. Ramalat Khatoon (converted to Shaivism to marry Kannadiga dancer Prabhu Deva, the 'South Indian Nigger')
6. Pakistani Supermodel Tehmeena Afzal (has a mulatto child, reportedly by one of her 'Makrani' or 'Karibi' lovers -
7. Cinematographer Fowzia Fatima (marrd. Malabari Pradeep Cherian)
8. Film director Elahe Heptolla (marrd. Telugu cricketer Vidyut Jaisimha)
9. Journalist Shabnam Minwalla (marrd. Rohit Ramakrishnan)
10. Tabassum Bano (marrd. Kannadiga MLA Gundu Dinesh Rao)
11. Pakistani Journt. Sonya Fatah (marrd. S. Indian Rajiv Rao)
12. Lahori artist Masooma Syed (marrd. Malabari Sumedh Rajendran) - 'Veer, Zaara & Visa' Namrata Joshi. Outlook India (19 Apr 2010)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza August 31, 2012
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