A luxurous mansion where "homies" and "thugz" go to rest in piece. A thug is not a wigger (for clarification) but a person who is African American and has killed someone. They can not be sheltered or be white.
2pac be thuggin up da ladyz in thugz mansion
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
Top Definition
(noun) an iced out paradise where homies n G's go when they get dropped; where they can hangout and smoke shit w/o gettin into fuqed wit the pOlice
Lord, remember this face save me a place at Thugz Mansion...
by dC December 15, 2003
Google "Thugz Mansion" lyrics, 2pac, for the full story.

Thugz Mansion was 2pac's vision of heaven -- going through so much pain, the Thugz Mansion <i>was</i> perfect ... it was where HE would be happy ... not some cloud-in-the-sky version of heaven without carnal satisfaction ... but a down-to-earth envisionment of reality without pain.
Ain't no place I'd rather be
Chillin' with homies and family
Sky high, iced out paradise
In the skyyyyyyyyyy..
Ain't no place I'd rather be
Only place that's right for me
Chromed out mansion in paradise
In the skyyyyyyyyyy..

~Anthony Hamilton (On Thugz Mansion)
by Manduke October 09, 2006
the only place where thugs get in free and you've gotta be a G, where dem niggaz go when we die.
At Thugz Mansion I drank Peppermint Schnapps with Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke.
by Nick D March 31, 2003
a place where g's do what they want to do without being shot at
tupacs thug mansion
by blitz jean January 02, 2004
east side play=dumbass
2pac died:1996
biggie died:1997
The art of math tells us that it is impossible for 2pac to have killed biggie...
by HexKaster May 19, 2003
gettin jlos pussy is alot better then dying
by Me May 26, 2003
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