People who are down with Juggalos and ICP. But they are more into more gangsta rap then horror-core rap.
You see them thuggalos up onstage rapping with Icp.
Bone Thugs n Harmony
by Lucky the Juggalo December 08, 2007
Top Definition
The name of a juggalo from the hood. Similar to Ninjalo,thuggalo are very strong and never lose in a fight. The always carry their weapons with them, including a Mac-10 and a hatchet.
Thuggalo are famous for their hold-ups and robberies.
Killing rich boys is what Thuggalos do best.
by Ninjalo March 25, 2004
The gayest of all juggalos. The thuggalo has a very pronounces lisp, especially when pronouncing the "j" sound. That is why they are known as "thuggalos" as a way of making fun of them trying to call themselves juggalos, as if that wasn't pathetic enough.
Normal person: Hey fag, what's up?

Thuggalo: Thesuth Chritht! I's gonna chop you with thith hatchet foo!

Normal person: Haha fag. Go cry to momma! (kicks Thuggalo in face)
by ICPKilla March 23, 2010
a term used often by bonethugs
a thuggalo is a juggalo who acts/or is black,lives in the ghetto, and is a thug but is still a juggalo
yea he was a thuggalo he had a fubu outfit wit a hatchetman shirt and a detroit hat
by juggalopride187 June 08, 2006
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