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Thug Wannabes. Small ass poser kids, who wear sweatshirts that are too big for them, and/or ride small bicycles.
Hey look, there's three little Thugabes walking down the street.
by C Briggs October 16, 2009
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Pronounced thug-a-bee. Thugabe is made of combining the words thug and wannabe together. Although thug may not be the same thing as a ganster/gangsta, it is usually defined as a bling-bling boy by people who obviosuly don't know the real meaning. Therefore a thugabe will conclude in a person who is a 'thug' stereotypically meaning gangster man, and a 'wannabe,' meaning one who indimidates another, mixed together. This definition of thug has nothing to do with Tupac's version.
Sara and her well-educated and innocent brother walk into the market.
Her brother sees his cool friends. All of a sudden the brother starts talking 'black.'

Friends: Whaddup.
Brother: Yo, son. Like my bling I got yesterday?
Sara rolls eyes.
Friends: That's the shizz yo.
Brother: Yuh, shizzle my nizzle.
Friends and brother do weird hand gestures, and start to dance like a rapper.
Sara: You guys are such thugabes. Stop! You weren't raised like that. That's not cool.
by nellisizzle April 02, 2007
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someone who thinks the posess thug like qualities
mark is not real, he's a true thugabe
by jasyllian January 20, 2007
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