The way in which gangstas treat a female. A synonym of thug love.
While the bitch was slobbing my nob like a Hoover, some motherfucker walked in and started yelling that it was his bitch. Fortunately I had a gat in my hand at the time, so I shot the fool. That's what I call thug passion.
by Nick D January 13, 2004
Top Definition
one part Alizé one part crystal; This drink is Gauranteed to get the pussy wet and the dick hard
Thug Passion Is the shit! RIP 2pac
by ac February 09, 2004
Others are wrong. It's a drink made up of 1/2 Alize 1/2 crystal. This drink was created by Tupac Shakur (RIP) He was going to sell it but he died. He even wrote a song for it titled Thug Passion.
Shit man i got hella wasted from that thug passion
by Schlitter22 November 17, 2006
In gay vernacular, it means when a guy has an attraction to thugs a.k.a. tough macho (usually Latino and Black) guys.
David only dates thugs he's got a bad case of thug passion.

Friend: Yo, Jose stop staring at those gangsta, thug dudes.
Jose: Can't help it, yo, I got me some thug passion.
Friend: You betta hope they homo thugs.
by Boogie Down Chuckie G August 27, 2010
A combination drink. By mixing 1/2 alize, and 1/2 hennessy u'll live it up the thug way
thug passion
by pookie November 16, 2003
While the traditional thug passion is one part alize one party hennesey, the sexual term "Thug Passion" involved a dude banging a chick from behind, he then knocks her out using chloroform, cums on her face, and then pours a 40 oz. on it.
Yo dude, I got Shawntee with that Thug Passion last night.
by Shellzsta August 24, 2006
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