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1. Any place or neighborhood where there is a lot of crime and real thugs. It can only be used for a actual hood with real thugs and were crime happens. It can never be used for fake, suburban ass, 90% white rich places like a lot of places fake ass dudes try to claim.

2. The Southside of Elyria, OH (Cleveland Area). The SouthSide was named "Thug City" because the area is infested with poverty, gangs, crime, and drugs. Thug City is only to be used for the southside, not the suburban ass Northside or Eastside of Elyria, or the westside because they are wannabes. The Southside is a actual ghetto where serious crimes with drugs, and murders are pretty common. The Southside is a neighborhood in Elyria between the river branches, from 6th street south. It includes 6-18th over to 19th down to fuller rd and wood st. MA-Zone, West Ave, East Ave over to S W River in the Southwest side, Tha Village, Wilkes, South Park, River run and every other hood and block on the southside.
(Dudes talkin on Middle Ave)
Southsider: "Where u from man?"
Eastsider: "Thug City over on the eastside by abbe rd, its real as hell over there"
Southsider: "Thug City aint the Eastside lmao, it aint real over there and shit dont go down over there stop playin"
(SouthSider pulls out a 9mm and Eastsider pisses his pants and runs his wannabe suburban ass all the way back to the eastside)
by Chris440 June 17, 2008
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