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1: The sound Poop makes as it slides greasily out of your butt and rolls down your pants-leg falling to the ground.
2: Any situation that generally makes you feel as if, at any moment, poop may slide greasily out of your butt,roll down your pantsleg and fall to the ground.
1: "Aw man, I just went thubada all over my self".
2: "This kinda shit makes me go a big thubada".
by Papa Smurch January 07, 2004
1 4
n. fecal matter.
also used in the context of the slang term of shit.
That was way too much food! I'm gonna thubada like a madman tonight.

Oh, THUBADA! What the hell is this?!

Yeah, Joseph is a big pile of thubada.
by Kevin February 05, 2004
5 10