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Easy life, gets whats he wants... most of the time..
Makes easy money and gets girls
Damn whys thuan so rich...
How did thuan get that girl
by john-thuan March 16, 2009
58 7
Describing an asian male who seems to achieve everything will relative ease. He lives by impossibly high expectations and often criticizes almost everyone he meets. He also has an incredibly large ego that never seems to deflate.
I can't believe you did it. Wow, you're such a Thuan .
by OMZG March 17, 2009
52 10
a one syllable word pronounced as tuun.
asian word for peaceful and helpful.
be thuan to people you know
by godwhoknows May 23, 2008
51 9
The name of a Game Stop employee (Thuan) back in the early 2000s, whose name was viewed as funny and whose name was written all over the store. On staplers, tape dispencers, posters, furniture, games, walls, etc. This name was written all over the store. Eventually, this trend of writting "Thuan" on everything in this one Game Stop became such a funny thing to do that it spread to other stores. Still to this day it is being done by employees who don't know Thuan and don't know why they are doing it.
Dude, help me write "Thuan" on everything in the store.
by A old Game Stop Employee September 14, 2010
8 5
(thu-anh)A two (2) syllable name that typically characterizes a homosexual Asian male. This person generally prefers anal intercourse and philanders with many men.Usually on the receiving end of most encounters.
He's been with so many men...he's becoming a Thuan.

Don Magic Thuan

by Mr.Herb November 21, 2007
19 69