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A portmanteau combining the words "Throbbing" and "Cock". One gets a throck when he hasn't had action in a while, and that little guy down there won't rest until he is furiously stimulated.
Girl: Damn, what's that going on down there?
Guy: Sorry, but I just can't seem to get rid of this crazy throck.
by dirk swanson November 04, 2009
37 10
a vigorous jiggling motion
Neddie throcked the toaster in order to remove the stuck slice.
by Richard Driver June 25, 2003
4 8
lacking interest, boring, corny.
Shorty is the throckness right now.

This party is mad throck.
by StrawMan May 01, 2011
1 7
the hole in the tip of the cock that doesnt seem to have a name. throck= throat of the cock :]
Your girlfriend sure is a cumwhore. she drinks every last drop that comes from my throck!!
by doitlikeaCHIEFFO July 27, 2007
5 12