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Verb. Performed by a person when approached at a bar by a complete minger, to display immediate disapproval and rejection.

Similar action to that made by a movie director to cut filming: While shaking the head, running their hand across their throat with a disgruntled look on their face.
Holy shit man! Did you just see Dalton give that ranga the throat chop? He is one ruthless mofo!
by rangerdiko July 14, 2009
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1)karate punch to the throat of some deserving jackhole; usually delivered with the phrase: "Oh really? How about a fucking throatchop instead?!"
Steve: "Where the hell were you last night?"
Carl: "Jail."
Steve: "What happened?"
Carl: "I was trying to buy corduroys at JCrew but everything was 'bootcut' and all i wanted was a regular pair. When I asked the dude if they had any regular corduroys he snapped, 'We only have the STANDARD bootcut'. So I said, 'STANDARD bootcut?! Really?! How about i give you a STANDARD fucking throatchop instead?!' and I let him have it right there."
Steve: "Shithouse."
by Hog1 October 24, 2003
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The act of choping someone in the throat karate style to injure or kill them.

e.g. Commonly done on throat chop Thursdays at chelsea high school.

e.g watch out for Al Stewart he might throat chop you.
"oh man its Thursday i hope a dont get throat chopped."
by ZC March 19, 2004
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