Noun; A great band out of Chicago.
Charming and subversive without breaking a sweat, this Chicago rock band is a DIY favorite.
Defining post-punk attitudes with stinging guitars, catchy melodies, and an irresistibly pounding rhythm section,
THREE DOLLAR BILL hooks you with songs full of pleading desire, lust and rage.

What makes THREE DOLLAR BILL a rare catch is their knack of mixing metal edginess and puncrock
energies into a sound that becomes entirely their own. The haunting harmonies of The Breeders,
Sleater-Kinney and X; the guitar riffs of AC/DC; the political wit of the Dead Kennedys; the dissonance
of Nirvana, Sonic Youth and The Cure---THREE DOLLAR BILL hits on the nerve of Alternative and Indie
rockers alike.
The Three Dollar Bill show was amazing last night.
by Stokley January 16, 2005
Top Definition
Noun (Slang) A euphenism for homosexual, generally a male homosexual. Compare to "Light in the Loafers", Limp Wristed", "Panty Waist", or "Candy Ass"
"That guy's as queer as a three dollar bill"

Fake, not real. Counterfeit.
That watch is as fake as a three dollar bill.
by CaptPicard776 December 19, 2007
Alternative term for a flaming homosexual; something or someone who shouldn't exist. Most Three Dollar Bills are out of the closet.
Brad is a raging Three Dollar Bill who loves to take it in the ass.
by MehsMehs June 07, 2005
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