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The biggest little party town in Montana. Has about 2,000 residents, so if you have no idea what you're doing, someone else does. Also has about zero hot guys.
Only things to do is get high and have sex. If you can't do either you eat cheesey bread. Has anyone noticed the increasing price of cheesey bread by the way?
"Hey did you see that hot guy? Is he new?"
"No way you think we'd have on of those in Three Forks?"
"You're right, let's go get high"
by t-bag-t-forks February 08, 2009
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a small town in montana. if you are in middle school u seem to feel like all thats out there is to be a whore. if u are looking for sex and have low standards this town has the easiest girls around
hey junior high girl of three forks
hey. do u want to sleep with me
**takes second look... hell No!!
she jumps on him and gets pregnant
by 1234567890sdfghjkl February 09, 2009
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