Adj; any sudden movement of the hands and arms in an unorderly and spasmic matter, is done so in great praise and excitement
Yo man i totally Thrashed hardcore after fuckin' that bitch
by Harold January 14, 2004
Top Definition
Giving hard sex to woman. Having hard sex with yourself. Wild passionate sex where the thrashee cums out of it very satisfied.
I was thrashing her so hard that it woke up her neighbors across the street.
by sonicturkey March 18, 2006
Lady clitoral masturbation that involves an E. Honda like hand movement
"And then I panicked and started thrashing myself!"

"Shit! Did you get the job?"

"Yeah! He gave me a pack of mints and the keys to his car too!
by H.S. Willsy August 23, 2011
A violent-sounding alternative to beat. Gives the same effect, but more so.
I thrashed yo ass!

I thrashed you at the game of tennis.

.....thrash my kids!!!!!

I shall thrash you down with my cock.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
Like head banging only better and more fun..
You get your arms T-rexin' and move them rapidly and head bang while whipping your hair around .
may appear like your having an epileptic seizure
Head banging with more hair flipping, arm moving and gracefulness ... "Thrashing it out"
by mewmeow April 29, 2012
Going out for a day on a preserved railway line and riding the trains all day. Usually involves hanging out of train windows.
Me and Ben went Thrashing on the East Lancs Railway on Saturday.
by Stankey September 04, 2007
Verb. Randomly and/or thoughtlessly mouse-clicking on anything and everything within a certain field, with a view to either producing a desired result, or just to maintain a certain level of interest. Esp. trying to progress through or maintain enjoyment of an adventure game by randomly clicking on any and all hot spots in the environment, rather than applying considered, logical thought.

Clicking on hot spots, hypertext or hyperlinks at random so as to produce a new or desired result.
When he caught himself thrashing he realised it was time to turn the game off and get some sleep.

No matter how much he thrashed he couldn't solve the puzzle.

"Stop thrashing" she said, "it won't get you any further through the game".
by C.K. Nahhas January 12, 2007
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