When a guy blows his gizz load deep in a girls arse and then slurps it up as she poops it back out of her anal forest back into his mouth.
Bill: hey dude what did you do last night?
Dude: I one-up'd your "ranch" and went thousand island on your mom!!!
#ranch #pure joy #cloaca fettish #kraft #paul newman
by kindsir44 June 24, 2009
Top Definition
When a guy is doing a chick who's on her period, the culmination of jizz and blood clumps looks like thousand island dressing! A magnificent dressing that's sure to satisfy even the kinkiest of vampires.
Charles: "Alice and I did it last night." Bob: "Isn't she on her period?" Charles: "It's cool; I don't mind making thousand island."
#thousand island #dressing #blood #cum #sex #juice #period #semen
by Eric "The Cheesy" Liu June 01, 2007
When a guy cums inside a girl who is having her period, the resulting substance that drips down her legs when she stands up.
Look at the thousand island we got all over my bed! How about a salad?
#period cum #period sex #menstruation sex #bloody cum #sex juice
by Elizabeth Ledbetter June 14, 2007
Term for a sexual act in which a man punches a woman in the stomach to induce her to vomit on his penis, followed by forced oral sex.
Tom received a Thousand Island from his kinky wife.
#sex #deviancy #fetish #forced #disgusting
by eyh6 December 26, 2005
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