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1. A form of mental urination. A slow and careful process by which idiotic ideas come into existence, often
with reference political correctness that one deems unnecessary.

2. UK Replacement for the term brainstorm which was banned from schools on the grounds that it might offend epileptics despite its positive connotation.
thought shower
1. After a great deal of thought showering, the term "epic fail" has been branded profane since it offends those who are prone to failing or innately fail at life.

by Eph3k July 10, 2008
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In the UK it is now illegal to say Brain Storm, because some retarded kids actually have a thing called a Brain Storm.

So all teachers must now say Thought Shower.

I love UK.
Boy: Ms, shall I do a Brain Storm?
Teacher: WHAT!?!? BLASPHEMER!! *uppercuts*
by Cloud November 15, 2004
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An incredibly stupid phrase meaning 'brainstorm' which no-one uses and very few people have even heard of.

The word 'brainstorm' was not banned from UK schools you idiots. It was deemed offensive to epileptics by ONE local council who opted not to use it in their public discourse in favour of the term 'thought shower'. This was ridiculed by everyone everywhere, including epileptics, for being so stupid that even the Flat Earth Society and the Super Sweet 16 fanclub pointed and laughed.

The phrase, while rarely used, is still highly reactive to the point where it reduces the IQ of both speaker and listener whenever used.
Politician: We'll be having a thought shower tomorrow.
Normal person: Damn, I think I just got dumber.
by PulpFictional September 01, 2010
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