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to do something with too much expression or something that happens to someone too much.
1.Damm! Tony Montana all got shot up thoroughly!

2.Person #1 - Yo what u doin?
Person #2 - Nuttin.
Person #1 - Get to your homework.......NOW!
Person #1 - Naw dude i'm playin wit u! I all shouted at u thoroughly!
by djkaya July 10, 2008
adj: To describe something that you enjoy fully and completely. Through and through.
1) I thoroughly enjoyed that huge piece of cake.

2) I enjoy the high of marijuana thoroughly.
by ae123456 January 19, 2009
Methodically, carefully, systematically, painstakingly, meticulously, comprehensively, exhaustively,
I thoroughly went through the documents.
by Robin Rico January 10, 2008