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The Norse God of Thunder/Lightning. He wields his magical hammer "Mjolnir".
by Thor May 16, 2003
thor is great
thor is a viking god
by th-or March 12, 2003
Thor is the nickname that a blond north european man can give to his dick. It's an espescially appropriate name for endurant penises.
Olga : wow so endurant, what his name ?
Lars : Thor !
by Lars_04 January 23, 2012
One of Marvel's greatest superheroes. He was created by Stan Lee after he decided to make a superhero even stronger than the Incredible Hulk, so he made Thor a god. He was placed by his father, Odin, into the body of medical student Donald Blake to teach him some humility. He is stronger than the Hulk, and controls climate, specially lightning. In few words, He is a kickass super hero.

Also called "The Mighty Thor"
Rick: I've got a Thor comic book!!!!
by Marvelman June 16, 2007
Thor is the Norse God of Thunder closely associated with the Viking (Scandinavian) people. Wielding his mighty hammer Mjolnir he helped the Vikings conquer the Welsh/English peoples. He is described as having a strong will, and a quick temper. He is also known to be strong, loyal, and honest. He has iron gloves and a girdle that doubles his strength, and he drives a chariot pulled by two goats. It is the rumble of the chariot wheels in the mountains that was said to be the cause of thunder; lightning was believed to be the sparks from Thor's hammer. Mjolnir was not used just for destruction, it was also used to bless a bride at her wedding. One of the legends that surrounds him involves a beautiful, royal, Welsh maiden named Mariah. Mariah is the wind. Thor immediately fell in love with her, forsaking his wife Freya. But, Mariah refused him. Thor continued to press his suit until a fierce battle ensued in which Mariah wrapped Thor in her winds, trapping him. Using the lightning and thunder Thor escaped and the battle continued. Finally, Mariah realized that the only way to beat him was to surrender to him. She welcomed him into her gentle embrace, and won. Legend has it that she gave him twenty sons and he stayed faithful to her forever after.
Mighty Thor wields his hammer.
He is Thor, the conqueror of the wind.
by SammyJ01 March 25, 2011
To penetrate a girl with a hammer-sized penis.

Past tense - thored
Guy: I'm gonna thor you later tonight.

Girl: He thored me last tonight
by Thor1234 January 13, 2011
The person whose fault it is.
It's Thor's fault
It's all Thors fault
by UKPiglet October 19, 2006
Awesome deity dude with a magic hammer, Mjolnir, that comes back to his hand when he throws it. Not a dude to fuck around with!
Thor is the son of Odin.
by pentozali December 04, 2013