2 completely different articals of clothing.

1: Womens underwear. Very thin, pretty, smexy, underwear that men enjoy very much to look at, take off, and possible try on why his girlfriend is not home.

2: Sandles. The things you were on your feet, the ones with the annoying stub that goes in between your toes.
Veronica: I wore this thong the other day for Jeff, it was so pretty and lacy and pink....it drove him crazy.

Mom: Honey, why dont you go out and buy you some new thongs....it looks like you need some.
Daughter: .......
Mom: Ohh hee hee, I mean why dont you go out and buy you some new flip-flops....whoopsie.
Daughter: .......
by Rackal June 25, 2009
the hottest thing a girl can wear gives the most exposure and the most horniness to a straight man hottest thing a girl can wear no exceptions
i hope to see my girlfriend in a thong when she leans over
by fatpenguinzrtakingover November 13, 2005
A comfortable and functional piece of clothing that every girl must own, wait- let me rephrase that, every attractive girl.
Isn't my thong cute? I just bought it yesterday.
by Kristine August 01, 2004
barely-there underwear that women wear when they plan to have sex.
I'm gonna wear a thong on my hot date. I'm bound to get lucky.
by Verena October 24, 2006
the equivalent of what boxers have done for men. dominant women's undergarment. it is a thong wearers civil duty to give a hanging wedgie to all brief wearers.
My girlfriend told me that she rercieved a wedgie today in the lockeroom for wearing her american eagle briefs today by a group of girls wearing prepy thongs.
by aeb1 October 05, 2006
simply the hottest piece of clothing a chick can wear. hott as hell.
take off the thong and lets see if it gets better.
by martin! February 09, 2006
Butt floss. As in flossing between the cheeks will keep your booty minty fresh.
Oppisite of depends.
Every woman needs to have her butt flossed with a nice thin thong.
by Darth_pikachu January 25, 2006
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