barely-there underwear that women wear when they plan to have sex.
I'm gonna wear a thong on my hot date. I'm bound to get lucky.
by Verena October 24, 2006
Thong is a sexy piece of underwear also known as ass floss.
Mandy loves to wear thongs. It is her favorite piece of underwear.
by Liz August 21, 2004
A perpetual wedgie.
"Hm," thought Jordan, "this thong is giving me a wedgie. It sure reminds me of my old schooldays..."
by vengefulmuppet December 25, 2007
Beautiful, hot, sexy underwear worn by women (never men -- yuck!) when they want to look and feel beautiful, hot and sexy. Makes the ladies look like they're not wearing underwear. Especially nice when worn with short skirts or pants made from thin or translucent material.
Fat chicks should NOT wear thongs! Ugh!
by The Chuckster November 03, 2005
the equivalent of what boxers have done for men. dominant women's undergarment. it is a thong wearers civil duty to give a hanging wedgie to all brief wearers.
My girlfriend told me that she rercieved a wedgie today in the lockeroom for wearing her american eagle briefs today by a group of girls wearing prepy thongs.
by aeb1 October 05, 2006
A wedgie. Sling shot. The reason why females stay mad all day because they have a fuckin sling shot up their ass
Myhome girl got this thong on and a mean mug on her face
by Miss Jay May 10, 2005
Type of women's underwear. Comfortable, even though it doesn't seem like they would be. A turn on for most guys, sometimes to the point they will put yours on themselves, because they won't get any until they do and dance around.
Haha, i made my ex wear my thong.
by SexxKittenn January 18, 2010

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