By far one of the best forms of underwear. It is small, with strings going around the hips, a small piece of cloth in the back, and cloth in the front. Many girls wear them, useful in preventing "Panty Lines" from coming through when they wear tight pants. Also, a huge turnon for guys when girls bend over, and they pop up about the pants.
Did you see the cute thongs they are selling in Victorias Secret?

Damn, she had one hot thong!
by Joe Shmuck July 29, 2003
The type of undies offering the least amount of coverage possible. Extremely comfortable for women. Worn by tons of women--not just strippers. Extreme turn-on when a guy sees them peaking out or on (or coming off!) their girlfriend/significant other.
Thongs are the best things ever--I could NEVER go back to granny panties now! Eek!

I like wearing a thong, and my boyfriend likes it even more...
by nyladancer August 06, 2009
usually smells like vagina sweat, women wear it on nights to hope to "get some".
sally wore that XXL thong for jimmy the plummer with the large ass to please him.
by Brassmonkey33 June 08, 2009
totally useless item of girls underwear that only serves to make them look like sluts.
That chick is so cute and i really want her num...... Oh crap.... She's wearing a thong. Never mind.
by I am The Snail May 26, 2009
I common woman that thinks she is better than everyone around her. They never get alone with other thongs unless they think they are better looking. They normally hang with women that are of no threat to them because they crave all the attention of the men around them.
When a thong comes around you might as well be ready to be emotionally raped
by darkmotive May 17, 2009
Best fart silencer ever.
Chuck: Seems like women these days are only cutting SBDs, is this because of thongs?

Mona: Yes Scott, this is due to the new fart silencing properties of modern lingerie.
by Charlotte Dee December 15, 2008
Sexy hot underwear falsely considered as "lingerie" wore by mostly Females (and some scandalouz guys..) to prevent underwear lines in tight pants and add a sexy little touch to an outfit. One should normally wear the strings high on the hips like it was meant to, but most girls push the strings in their pants to hide them cuz they say "high strings will make them look like hoes and be too provocative" ..thus rendering the thong completely useless because it really ain't a comfortable underwear. Who will ever understand women..
K-NyNe (spotting incoming booty) : "Damn loc' that lil' mama right here surely knows how to sport that Thong and put her ass in praise, Sisqõ would be proud!!"

Freek Dogg : "Word is bond dawg, she knoooows!! I must tell my girl to quit pushing them damn strings down her pants and make 'em rise up like a phoenix! Wear a Thong than wear it RIGHT"
by K-NyNe August 29, 2008
a piece of clothing that shows the but cheecks of a woman and makes a man so horny
once i was walking on the beach and saw a girl wearing a thong i wanted to do her so badly
by im too sexy May 26, 2008
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