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By far one of the best forms of underwear. It is small, with strings going around the hips, a small piece of cloth in the back, and cloth in the front. Many girls wear them, useful in preventing "Panty Lines" from coming through when they wear tight pants. Also, a huge turnon for guys when girls bend over, and they pop up about the pants.
Did you see the cute thongs they are selling in Victorias Secret?

Damn, she had one hot thong!
by Joe Shmuck July 29, 2003
Underwear garment that costs $30 a pop, when regular undergarments are 10 for $5 and they look like they are the most useless torture devices evar. On a woman however, it's all good. Also used to describe a type of sandal.
-That man on the beach is in a thong. Please remove him.
-I never imagined her wearing a thong until it was showing outta her pants. Whoah...
by nikkan_hanil December 11, 2003
20th Century word for Sandals.
I picked up a couple thongs at the Shoe Store and I'm going to wear them to the pool tommorow.
by Thongsz September 04, 2012
Butt floss. As in flossing between the cheeks will keep your booty minty fresh.
Oppisite of depends.
Every woman needs to have her butt flossed with a nice thin thong.
by Darth_pikachu January 25, 2006
Girl handle
She was walking away so I grasped onto her thong. She stopped dead in her tracks.
by url November 02, 2003
usually smells like vagina sweat, women wear it on nights to hope to "get some".
sally wore that XXL thong for jimmy the plummer with the large ass to please him.
by Brassmonkey33 June 08, 2009
I common woman that thinks she is better than everyone around her. They never get alone with other thongs unless they think they are better looking. They normally hang with women that are of no threat to them because they crave all the attention of the men around them.
When a thong comes around you might as well be ready to be emotionally raped
by darkmotive May 17, 2009
Extrmemly comfortable underwear that goes pretty far up your ass
Holy Shit! Thongs! That chick is wearing thongs!
by BobTheBuilder October 06, 2004