By far one of the best forms of underwear. It is small, with strings going around the hips, a small piece of cloth in the back, and cloth in the front. Many girls wear them, useful in preventing "Panty Lines" from coming through when they wear tight pants. Also, a huge turnon for guys when girls bend over, and they pop up about the pants.
Did you see the cute thongs they are selling in Victorias Secret?

Damn, she had one hot thong!
by Joe Shmuck July 29, 2003
the best piece of clothing a woman could have one....makes a girl 10 times sexier
That girls ass looks good in a thong.
by hollaback75 March 04, 2005
piece of string that is worn by non-prude girls and guys like to remove with there mouth before fucking the girl.
i saw lauren grosses orange thong
by Dicky Cummy February 18, 2005
Thong is a sexy piece of underwear also known as ass floss.
Mandy loves to wear thongs. It is her favorite piece of underwear.
by Liz August 21, 2004
A comfortable and functional piece of clothing that every girl must own, wait- let me rephrase that, every attractive girl.
Isn't my thong cute? I just bought it yesterday.
by Kristine August 01, 2004
Best fart silencer ever.
Chuck: Seems like women these days are only cutting SBDs, is this because of thongs?

Mona: Yes Scott, this is due to the new fart silencing properties of modern lingerie.
by Charlotte Dee December 15, 2008
Extrmemly comfortable underwear that goes pretty far up your ass
Holy Shit! Thongs! That chick is wearing thongs!
by BobTheBuilder October 06, 2004
Girl handle
She was walking away so I grasped onto her thong. She stopped dead in her tracks.
by url November 02, 2003

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