By far one of the best forms of underwear. It is small, with strings going around the hips, a small piece of cloth in the back, and cloth in the front. Many girls wear them, useful in preventing "Panty Lines" from coming through when they wear tight pants. Also, a huge turnon for guys when girls bend over, and they pop up about the pants.
Did you see the cute thongs they are selling in Victorias Secret?

Damn, she had one hot thong!
by Joe Shmuck July 29, 2003
Girl handle
She was walking away so I grasped onto her thong. She stopped dead in her tracks.
by url November 02, 2003
Something stuck up your ass that seems to attract men. Often seen on hott women.
"Damnnn...shes lookin fine in that thong"
by Sarah Osgood October 20, 2003
as sexy as they can be, thongs are also known as "ass floss" and can be quite painful when a friend decides to yank on the strings.
are you wearing your ass floss?
by "Boobs" April 30, 2003
The sexiest thing in the world when shown over jeans or hipsters
by GaZ April 01, 2003
a way to cover the pussy without hiding the ass
i hate how girls wear thongs just to make sure they can somehow show off their ass
by showrtay February 24, 2012
A great way to get vaginitis or a yeast infection!! Not to mention TONS of anal bacteria gets in your vagina. It's merely butt floss. :)
Stupid Boy: Dude, thongs are sooooo SEXY.

Smart Girl: I'd rather not sacrifice my vaginal health by putting a piece of string between my labia.
by coolerthanice April 11, 2010
totally useless item of girls underwear that only serves to make them look like sluts.
That chick is so cute and i really want her num...... Oh crap.... She's wearing a thong. Never mind.
by I am The Snail May 26, 2009

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