the hottest thing a girl can wear gives the most exposure and the most horniness to a straight man hottest thing a girl can wear no exceptions
i hope to see my girlfriend in a thong when she leans over
by fatpenguinzrtakingover November 13, 2005
An undergarment for use at parties etc.
An external garment for use in Music Videos. (see: Britney Spears)
-Pull up your damn pants, I can see your thong.
-Somebody set us up the thong.
by Dr. Horatio MacTavish January 12, 2002
a way to cover the pussy without hiding the ass
i hate how girls wear thongs just to make sure they can somehow show off their ass
by showrtay February 24, 2012
Tiny beachwear that hardly covers anything! It consists of a tiny triangle of material at the front, which can be just barely enough to cover the clitoris, going up to a maximum size of covering the whole pubic area, and the three corners of this tiny triangle are held in place by tiny strings which meet at the back. It is usually worn without a top, which allows the boobs to be fully revealed. The girls who wear them all have good figures, girls who don't have good figures, or who are shy, don't wear them. It is the beachwear that comes closest to being nude.
I handed her the thong and she said "Thanks for nothing!"

If beachwear gets any smaller than the thong, it's going to disappear into the crack.

I'd travel fifty miles to get to the beach these days, because all the girls are wearing thongs.

Mummy, why is that girl naked - oh, now that she's closer I can see she's wearing a thong.

Girls at public beaches will probably wear nothing soon; they're practically naked already by wearing only their thongs.

Seeing all those girls in their thongs is dangerous for me; I think I might be turning lesbian.
by Hot and Spicy November 14, 2010
What are they and why do girls were them .
I was in choir today and we did warm ups which invoved the girls bending down to the floor. So the men stayed standing and we were in shock in what we saw we say three girls with no underwerar and the rest with a thong. Then they had to bend down backwords and all we saw on the the girls whith no thong was there pussy and one girl had a mini vibrator up in her and ended up cuming into the girl in fornt of hers mouth
by TheWard September 24, 2010
A great way to get vaginitis or a yeast infection!! Not to mention TONS of anal bacteria gets in your vagina. It's merely butt floss. :)
Stupid Boy: Dude, thongs are sooooo SEXY.

Smart Girl: I'd rather not sacrifice my vaginal health by putting a piece of string between my labia.
by coolerthanice April 11, 2010
Type of women's underwear. Comfortable, even though it doesn't seem like they would be. A turn on for most guys, sometimes to the point they will put yours on themselves, because they won't get any until they do and dance around.
Haha, i made my ex wear my thong.
by SexxKittenn January 18, 2010
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