the hottest thing a girl can wear gives the most exposure and the most horniness to a straight man hottest thing a girl can wear no exceptions
i hope to see my girlfriend in a thong when she leans over
by fatpenguinzrtakingover November 13, 2005
1) A particular cut of a brief or leotard (or in clothing fashioned after said articles, such as a teddy, a bodysuit, dance belts, etc., ad nauseam) where, rather than having fabric covering the buttocks, there is a strip of fabric that lies between the buttocks. Usually done either for sexual appeal or to cut down on panty lines - or both.

2) A popular model of sandal with a rubber sole, and two fabric straps to hold the foot in, in such a fashion that it connects near the front of the sandal in a knot that rests between the big and second toes.
1) Jerome gave a booty call when he saw a random girls thong peek out from underneath her pants.
by ke6isf September 15, 2004
Thong is a sexy piece of underwear also known as ass floss.
Mandy loves to wear thongs. It is her favorite piece of underwear.
by Liz August 21, 2004
A very beautiful piece of clothing, worn often by females, especially beautiful females.
A thong is like a pair of panties, but more slim, tight, and especially exposes the buttocks.

Thongs also come in the form of bikini bottoms or one-piece swimsuits.

Thongs are NOT appropriate for males. But that's my opinion. I don't wear thongs, I wear basic white underwear.
"My girlfriend says she always wears thongs because she 'doesn't like panty-lines'. Well, whatever works for her. Personally, she is sexy in a thong. ^.^ "

"I think women wear thongs because they are liked, or if they know they're hot."
by Dave April 23, 2004
An undergarment that costs about $5 more than a similar undergarment called a g-string because there is more fabric that goes up your butt crack.
Stacy preferred to wear a thong over wearing a g-string for better crack coverage.
by Nada Williams December 13, 2003
Underwear garment that costs $30 a pop, when regular undergarments are 10 for $5 and they look like they are the most useless torture devices evar. On a woman however, it's all good. Also used to describe a type of sandal.
-That man on the beach is in a thong. Please remove him.
-I never imagined her wearing a thong until it was showing outta her pants. Whoah...
by nikkan_hanil December 11, 2003
Girl handle
She was walking away so I grasped onto her thong. She stopped dead in her tracks.
by url November 02, 2003
Something stuck up your ass that seems to attract men. Often seen on hott women.
"Damnnn...shes lookin fine in that thong"
by Sarah Osgood October 20, 2003

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