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A model from manchester with really blond hair. Known for his wistful look, blue eyes and outer worldly features. Has done campaigns for houses such as: Lanvin, Burberry and Tom Ford.
Might be stuck up and cocky or a really great guy.
I would really like to date a man as special as Thomas Penfound, but who doesnt party with supermodels, eat and is 100% (or at least 50%) into girls (that are not over 180 cm....).

That guy is really tall and blond, kinda reminds me of the model Thomas Penfound.

I wish my hair was as awsome as Thomas Penfounds hair.

Gawd I think i have a little stalker crush on freaking model!
by Eeeeden March 11, 2011
A tall beautiful, skinny, pale and unique, blue eyed man with the raddest hair you`ll ever see. He might be gay, might not. The guy you want to marry.
Thomas Penfound is not the male Tanya Dziahileva
by Satined March 18, 2011