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The most amazing person you will ever meet. He's been through a lot but he's still pretty much perfect. An incredible friend. An undescribable boyfriend. Everything he says will make your heart melt and you'll fall in love with him all over again. But he loves his girlfriend and would never hurt her or let her down and she loves him too and they're meant to be together so don't look to him as anything more than a friend or she'll rip your face off.. o-o

He deserves much more than he has.. rough past but absolutely brilliant future even under the circumstances. He has an amazing mind. You'll only see that if you don't judge first. He's truly unique and irreplacable. You will NEVER find someone else like him. There's a lot more about Thomas that you may not see. Maybe not be the most trusting person but he's trustworthy and very surprisingly romantic o-o. He'll be funny and charming at the most random times. You'll barely ever expect it when he'll say something that will be stuck in your head for hours and make you blush and get butterflies everytime you think of it. Or maybe that's just Valerie. Probably. But anyway. Yeah. Thomas is the best. Okay? Good. Byeeeee >x<
I miss Thomas.. ;l

.-. ...

"what's wrong"

Nothing ;l..

"Thomas?" YES I MISS HIM ;l

"She likes him..."

Who Thomas? o_o
"Yeah. Better watch out."
Ha. e-e I'll kill her. He's mine.
All mine o-o.

Whats your name?
Well For now its Valerie _______
For now? o-o
Mhm.. I'm marrying Thomas Der Zand soooo c:<
by Infinity.. <x< November 29, 2011