n. The supercool man with sunglasses and a piece of paper taped to his shirt who no one can resist. You must stop whatever you are doing to see him, including building a monument of yourself or putting pants on. Fond of saying "Shutup kids!"
Here comes the Thnikkamaaaannnn! There goes the Thnikkamaaaannnn!
Shutup kids!
by Andrew February 09, 2004
he whom no one can resist. Super-cool guy with for-awesome shades and multicolor letter shadows.
"Here comes the Thnikkama-a-a-n!"
by Gruntmaster 6000 February 09, 2004
Someone who is fully loaded. The alter ego of Bubs.
Here comes the Thnikkaman!
Starin' down the barrel of a fully loaded Thnikkaman
by It's The Sneak February 10, 2004
The only superhero in the entire Homestar Runner Cartoon. Distracts people from whatever they're doing. Is accompanied by a voice.
Here comes the thnikka There goes the Thnikka Here comes the Thnikkamannnnnnnn!
by Thnikkaman February 11, 2004
It's Bubs, slightly cooler than he already was. When he's around, be sure you're not doing anyting, you'll just forget about it!
Here comes the thnikka, there goes the thnikka, here comes the thnikka, there goes the thnikka, here comes the thnikkamaaaaaan!
"So Cool!"
by Mackey March 13, 2004
One who or thing that breaks concentration and/or kills productivity and/or causes one to get excited about something that normally isn't very spectacular but became amazing simply by association. Often referred to as a weapon of mass de-innovation.
When losing concentration: Well, I'll just, uh, put these pants on— Oh, thnikkaman! It's a thnikkaman! *drops pants and runs off*

Killing productivity: When building a monument to one's self, stay clear of any Thnikkamen, otherwise you will be compelled to stop working to go ask for some.

Mediocrity made spectacular:
Mom: Did you have a good Holiday this Decemberween?
Kid: Oh Ya! The Thnikkaman left blank 8-Track tapes in my slippers this year, and then randomly cold called me with a discount travel package! Best Dethemberween ever!

As a weapon: I would like to see you stay focused staring down the barrel of a loaded thnikkaman!
by StarFanRunner March 24, 2010

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