A male of asian decent with constant sex cravings. Typically talks about sex or pornography 24/7.
Man, you are talking Thi dude. Go get a wax.
by peter waite January 08, 2004
A word used in java and other programing languages to reference the current object. Can be used in real life to explain certain situations.
Kid 1: "Where are we?"
Kid 2: "this"
by BigNigJ November 14, 2007
something you will never get
"my retard cousin bilo we keep him in cage, and my sister she show him her vagine and say 'lalalala you will never get this, you will never get this' but one day he break out and he get this."
by Dr Raptor Jesus April 01, 2009
1. this thing of ours, this thing that we do.
2. of or pertaining to business of a confidential nature.
3. an exchange of one good, service, or favor for another or any thing of value. This is often referred to as business.
Officer, how fast was I going?

You were going 99 in 25 zone you are going to jail unless I see this!

Officer, if you plug my girlfriend in the ass will this do?

Yes, son, just between you and me.
by nick April 22, 2005
Oneself or one's possesions.

Object of close proximity, that is being reffered to.
If you had to look this up, you're seriously stupid.
by Gumba Gumba March 27, 2004
Superfly. Hypercool. Snazzaroo.
"This is This." "That's so This."
by LaFouletta May 25, 2007

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