1. this thing of ours, this thing that we do.
2. of or pertaining to business of a confidential nature.
3. an exchange of one good, service, or favor for another or any thing of value. This is often referred to as business.
Officer, how fast was I going?

You were going 99 in 25 zone you are going to jail unless I see this!

Officer, if you plug my girlfriend in the ass will this do?

Yes, son, just between you and me.
by nick April 22, 2005
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One-word response placed after a quote on a message board as an affirmation of the author's agreement with the quoted person's view or opinion. Commonly used on Fark.com.
Some guy: "Nice to see that the human race has advanced to the point of using robots to poke things with a stick."

Another guy (after quoting above): This.
#this #that #the other #something #another thing
by J. Harvey September 17, 2007
something you can't touch.
"can't touch this" -MC Hammer
#mc hammer #that #noun #thing #dis
by CPast101 June 14, 2009
A slang word used on popular internet forums which means "I agree with you 100%" or "that is very true."
ladiesman217: "The Transformers was the best movie EVAR."
fattyman3: THIS
#that #thiiss #qft #this #farkisms
by British Columbia January 04, 2008
This is sparta.
#this #sparta #300 #trojan #bong
by Gitfiddlefeller January 22, 2009
A pronoun which you can put at the end of any noun and make it sound like a derogatory statement. The practical outline of such a statement is: {insert noun} this. Usually a physical gesture follows the statement.
Teacher: Where is your homework?
Student: *grabs crotch* Homework this.

Parent: Did you go to school today?
Kid: *scratches nuts* School this.
#that #something #thing #object #crotch
by punkbass_20x6 January 14, 2006
Not that.
That which is not this, is that.
#this #that #grammar #nazi #weed
by scout01 March 12, 2010
A verrry pretty girl (dep gai) and will be beautiful when grown up.
dang she looks soo Thi!
#pretty #sexy #beatiful #attractive #cool
by BobDOE December 20, 2005
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