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Best band EVER.
If you don't check them out, you are lame for the rest of your life.
They are from Tempe, Arizona
and are theeee most cutest, talented, nicest people ever! CHECK THEM OUT BRO.

CAUTION: Lead singer may make the stage collapse. :)
Person A: "WOW This Century's new EP is off the heeezay!"

Person B: "Word." (person A turns up the stereo. Person A & B dance excitedly)
<333 :)
by yomamafrombigbear March 09, 2009
The best band ever.
Person 1: Eh, who's the best band ever?
Person 2 with extremely good taste in music: Duh! This Century!
by reachforthesunn April 06, 2011

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