The name of a sports bar located in East Stroudsburg.
Jenn: Hey, who's goin to Thirsty Thursdays tonight?

Tari: What's that?

Jenn: Oh wait, that doesn't exist.

Tari: You are so dumb. You are really dumb. Forreal.
by Anna neemus November 29, 2010
A term used for partying on Thursday nights primarily on college campuses. This term also inspired an album of the same name "Thirsty Thursday" by a new funk/rock band called TallBoys. About just such a night, as the album goes on the audience is meant to get more intoxicated.
Hey man you're almost on your 2nd beer, now is the perfect time for us to jam out with TallBoys on this Thirsty Thursday!
by Thoisty thoisday February 04, 2014
These days it is a well-known fact that every Thursday is the day you go down to your local dive bar and it has been infested by loud college girls and juice-heads with pink shirts.
Man 1 "Todd, who are all these people?

Man 2 "Thirsty Thursdays man."
by Dueyutah May 27, 2007
One of the very few good things about dental school. Where cusps of carabelli go to get their groove thangs on once in a while on a thursday afternoon in the midst of friends, classmates, professors and of course a keg or two.
Poonam and Holly will get crazy at Thirsty Thursdays this month! Byahhh!
by Holly and Poonam October 12, 2006
Once a popular term for college students, is now a popular term for women who need one night dedicated to themselves and their friends. A weekly tradition started in Burlington, ON Canada 6 years ago, where girlfriends get together once a week at a different house/location every Thursday, chat, drink and relieve the stresses of the week and daily life. Thirsty Thursday is a tradition that every proud woman and friend should take part in all over the world.
Thirsty Thursdays is also known to most ladies "TT".
Try hosting a TT with your girlfriends, it will become a weekly tradition.
by Lynn Chard February 04, 2010
$1 beers at quakes stadium
dude #1: did you go to thirsty thursdays last night?
dude #2: yeah, it was like a high school reunion...
by skap-a-phobic August 20, 2006
the act of having the angriest rabbit sex ever on your brothers bed.
wow we gotta participate in thirsty Thursdays more often.
by shankler May 17, 2007

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