to have sex dog style while the girl is on her knees drinking your cum from a bowl like a dog
thirsty dog is a crazy sex position involving a lot of cumming and a lot of drinking...cum
by ben dover2363 September 10, 2008
Top Definition
To perform cunnilingus
To eat from the bushy plate
To drink form the furry cup
To lick the holiest of holys (sp?)
Bloke1 - Wow that birds fit over there!
Bloke2 - Tell me about it mate! I'd lick it like a thirsty dog!
Bloke1 - Mate, I'd learn to breath through my ears If I went out with that!
by Franco Baresi June 29, 2006
Doggy style sex while holding girls head in toilet. Flushing optional.
John: I wanna fuck.
Jane: Okay but let me get a drink of water.
John: Okay lets do the thirsty dog.
by ThirstyDogger2 October 04, 2010
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