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To perform cunnilingus
To eat from the bushy plate
To drink form the furry cup
To lick the holiest of holys (sp?)
Bloke1 - Wow that birds fit over there!
Bloke2 - Tell me about it mate! I'd lick it like a thirsty dog!
Bloke1 - Mate, I'd learn to breath through my ears If I went out with that!
by Franco Baresi June 29, 2006
Doggy style sex while holding girls head in toilet. Flushing optional.
John: I wanna fuck.
Jane: Okay but let me get a drink of water.
John: Okay lets do the thirsty dog.
by ThirstyDogger2 October 04, 2010
to have sex dog style while the girl is on her knees drinking your cum from a bowl like a dog
thirsty dog is a crazy sex position involving a lot of cumming and a lot of drinking...cum
by ben dover2363 September 10, 2008